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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mad about you....Paul!

Two years ago today was our first date. Sometimes it seems like it was forever ago and hard to imagine that it has only been two years. Then there are days that I am still amazed that I found him and it seems surreal.

Our first date was amazing. When we met I literally thought the universe was messing with me...hello he looks just like Vin Diesel and I was totally infatuated with Vin! I remember thinking...oh this isn't going to work...Shia lives happily ever after with a Vin lookalike? NO WAY!

I had been on soooooo many crappy dates before Paul that I literally kept blowing him off. It was a Sunday night and I just got blonde highlights and well I wanted to go out. So I called him as a gesture of "well at least I tried" and he was like SURE! So later that night he picked me up and we went out to the beach. We talked for hours and had a great time. We talked about everything and we were so engrossed in conversation that he took the scenic route home...stopped for gas. The gas station was actually closed. (What gas station isn't 24 7 I know) Got back in the car and laughed that it was similar to this Toyota commercial that was on tv at that time. (The guy acts like he runs out of gas and the chick is like come on this is a Toyota...) So he pulls out of the gas station and....STALLS...he totally ran out of gas and we were like 2 miles from my apartment. We sat there in the car talking while waiting on Volkswagen road assistance to bring him some gas. It was hilarious and romantic all at the same time.


  1. I love the story of your first date, congratulations to both of you!

  2. Your not kidding...He does like Vin Diesel! Congrats!


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