Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mad about straws! This is one habit I am trying to kick. Okay we all know that smoking is bad for you because of well...CANCER but it also gives you wrinkles around your mouth. I have been thinking about it and a straw is the same thing because you're pursing your lips over and over the same as a cig! So I'm trying to give up straws but unfortunately it's like second nature to have a straw in your drink so I find myself using a straw and then realizing later DANG IT I did it again! NO MORE STRAWS FOR ME! I seriously feel like I am a baby trying to ween off of a sippy cup! No more sippy cup for me...this big girl can drink out of a cup. Yet now I am thinking...the whole point of a straw at a restaurant is so that your mouth doesn't have to touch the glass....Ahhhhh!

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