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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mad about Writing!

I like to think of myself as a semi-serious writer. The thought of writing articles and meeting deadlines for a magazine or newspaper just sounds heavenly to me. So with that said, during one of my library trips I picked up two books about writing. One book is about becoming a freelance writer and the second is about making money with your blog. I seriously want to keep these books to follow them to the tee and put my heart and soul into trying to make writing work. These books are currently due on March 26 and I don't want to give them up, maybe I need to make a trip to the bookstore.

The freelance book stated that to get serious about becoming a freelance writer you need to get your work out there. It suggested having a blog. Okay check! However, it stated that you would need to do 2 to 6 good blog posts a day. WOW! I'm not that good...yet. Funny thing is the blog book also said to get more traffic on your blog you need to do 2 to 6 posts a day. Hello! I need to get writing. The blog book also said not to limit your blog to one thing so you can get a multitude of followers which was also stated in the freelance book by not limiting yourself to one idea or topic that way you can pick up more work and be versatile. Hello RANDOMNESS AT IT'S FINEST!

All in all, I need to step it up on my blog. Sure little tidbits here and there but I'm going to also throw in some longer topics like in my early blog days. Hope you enjoy!

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