Friday Letters #4

Friday, December 21, 2012

Link Up!
So there doesn't appear to be a link up ... no worries!

Dear Four Day Weekend, Your my favorite Christmas present!!  Dear Stairs, You thought you had me down ... feeling better today!  YAY I can move my neck again!  Dear Cookie Making Elves, I kept waiting for you to show up the other night but you never did ... so I went ahead and made them ... 

I also made cinnamon honey butter but totally forgot to take pics ... Oh well.  Not only did I make the butter I got super creative on the container 
... okay so I recycled some glass jars and jazzed them up with some fabric and ribbon ... they were super cute!  Dear Michael's treat boxes, Can I just say how much I love you?  I think my cookies were not only the tastiest ones ever but the cutest ones ever too!!  Dear Wedding Photos, I finally organized you!  YAY!!  Dear Holiday Helper Headquarters, okay so I totally failed ... didn't get to 30!  Okay so I waited to the last minute to do some stuff but oh well ... it was worth it!  Plus why did every weekend have to be super busy??  Is it just me or did this month just FLY by?

Dearest Followers/Readers,
More wedding photos soon ;)


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