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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Be kind!

We've all heard the heartwarming story of the NYC police officer who bought a homeless man some socks and shoes - no matter what is done with those shoes nothing can destroy the kindness.  We live in a world where kindness is rare but 'tis the season!

Today I was going through Starbucks' drive thru and I got to the window and the cashier pointed at the car in front of me and said ... do you see the woman in that car she said Merry Christmas and paid for your order.  I've heard of this happening before but never experienced it.  So I said, tell the car behind me Happy Holidays (I mean come on not everyone celebrates Christmas) and I paid for them.  I looked in my mirror waved to the guy behind me (no joke he kinda looked at me like I was a weirdo but hey).  As I was driving out he beeped and waved back once he got to the window.  I felt so good about it.  Did I do anything as kind as the NYC police officer?  No, I mean if you are in the Starbucks drive thru you can pay for it but even small acts of kindness fill your heart.  

Once my family moved to Florida, the holiday season never felt the same because we didn't have snow.  Snow sets the mood people ... our first Christmas we were wearing shorts and had a BBQ ... seriously!  So I kinda get in a holiday slump ... like pooh doesn't FEEL like it.  Until a few years ago, my mom knew a family that didn't have much and what they did have was stolen.  Someone broke into their home and stole all of their Christmas presents.  Three kids - no presents from Santa.  My family went out and bought them Christmas presents, a Christmas tree and decorations.  Afterwards, I told my mom that Florida has never felt like the holidays until now. 

Every year, I try to do something to help someone.  Last year, I donated money to our local animal shelter (where we got Kitty).  Let's face it with no funds - the animals don't get to wait for new families.  I give clothes and household items every year to Vietnam Veterans of America.  They will come to you and pick up your items - you just leave them in your driveway or near the curb.  

Whatever you do this holiday season, take a minute to do something kind for someone.

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