Would you change your perfume?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Would you change your perfume if your guy didn't like the smell?

When Paul and I met I wore Marc Jacobs Daisy and Calvin Klein Euphoria.  Out of the two Daisy was my absolute fave and I had just recently gotten it for Christmas from my sister Debra.  Paul absolutely hated the two scents.  If I wore it - he would say - yuck you have THAT on again.  At first, I thought - hey buddy deal with it - because I love this stuff.  But then I got to thinking ... I SHOULD care if he hates it.  Who wants to get cozy with someone that they think stinks.

So him and I went to the department store and we both tested some new fragrances ... he liked some that I hated ... I liked some that he hated ... then we found some that we both liked.  So I got those and gave away my Euphoria and Daisy.  I gave Daisy to a co-worker and every time she wore it I was like awe you are wearing (my) Daisy.  It was a little sad but what are you gonna do.

So what do you think ... would you change?
What have you ever changed for a guy?


  1. My husband hates some of the fragrances that I wear, so I just use those on days that he works because usually by the time he gets home it's either wore off or I've took a shower.

  2. Yeah I tried that but it would occasionally backfire ... so I just got sick of hearing about it. He wore me down I guess ;)


  3. Hmm I've never thought about this because Ronnie has liked the fragrances he's smelled on me. I'm sure he'd say something if he didn't like it but I think that he's just such an outdoorsy guy who shows up stinky and sweaty sometimes, that he just appreciates my not stinky, girl smell. Does that make sense? lol

  4. i would change my perfume for my man if he didn't like it because i want him to think i smell too and not smell bad and be turned off by me

    1. Exactly ;-) Sometimes it's annoying because I think ... oh I really like this but then I'm like wait he needs to smell it too before I buy it.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  5. I would probably have a similar response to you, but still keep it and wear it for myself. But there can be compromise in perfumes, just like in life!

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