It's Okay Thursday!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

... to look for the cheapest gas even now when gas is cheap!  Seriously what is it about my exit that needs to be 10 cents more per gallon?

... to have a bed time ... yes I am an adult but I need to go to sleep when it is time to go to sleep!

... to wear your hair in a pony tail everyday this week ~ it's raining folks ... why even try to pretend my hair will stay presentable without putting it up?

... to realize that everything I complain about can be summed up with #firstworldproblems or #FLproblems.

... to be currently addicted to NPR.  Hello RARELY any commercials and I am learning stuff everyday.

... to feel smarter for listening to NPR ... LOL.

... to start sentences with the phrase ... so I heard on NPR ...

... to give eye rolls ... yep you thought I couldn't see you.

... to look at your nails and think about using a nail file but it not happening ... jagged is fashionable ... right?  {okay maybe not}

... that my husband knows exactly how long we have been together and I am ALWAYS wrong.  Seriously, even recently when I was like okay I have this down ... nope still wrong!  I can never remember how old my dog is either because it's hard to remember a time before her ~ so I told Paul that he's like the dog now ~ I can't remember a time before him.  {insert ahhhhh}  Okay so FOR the record ... we met March 2, 2008 (ok so I just had to check my blog for the day - why can I never remember this??)  Seriously, I have a yearly reminder that pops up in my phone and when I see the calendar near the end of Feb I will think ... what do I have scheduled for the 2nd?  True story ... EVERY year ... LOL.  We married September 20, 2012 ... okay that I def remember!  


  1. I still confuse my husband's birthday and our anniversary (they are 4 days apart)! Hey, there is also nothing wrong with having a bedtime. Sleep is a great thing!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Glad I am not the only one with date mix ups. Seriously, I have NO clue why I can never remember and it's just funny now because I am ALWAYS wrong

      Cheers to sleep!

  2. Hilarious, yes it is all ok!

    Is it ok that I want to take a nap right now??


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