Hello Monday #2

Monday, January 26, 2015

So it's Monday, our favorite day of the week … am I right?

I thought this Monday I would share a glimpse into the madness of how I am trying to keep myself accountable for my time management since it could probably be dubbed my New Year's Resolution at this point. In the past, when I decided to manage my money, I literally posted my purchases each day on my blog to stay accountable. If I spent money on ANYTHING it was written down. Since Paul and I use our credit card for EVERYTHING I then went through the statement and made categories. Bills, Gas, Groceries, etc. This helped me see where I was wasting money. So then I gave myself a budget. When starting off, I kept track of my spending money to the penny. I tried my hardest not to go over my budget. After awhile, I got the hang of it and really essentially saved a bunch of money. {To see some related posts click on the MONEY label.}

So now I need to and have incorporated this into my time management. So I started with writing everything down for each day and creating a checklist of things that I need to accomplish each day/night. Here is a sample of what I strive for every day/night, this is my permanent list:
(X) Packed Lunch
(X) Blog Post
(X) Go to bed on time (10/10:30)
(X) Drink 8 glasses of water

Also, I'll add things I want to accomplish that day and if I don't get them done … I add it to the next day's list as well. Here are some examples:
() Organize coupons
(X) Find book at library

Not only do I keep track with my check list. I also make notes regarding how my day went with regards to accomplishing those tasks. I created a color scale. Each item I write down is ranked by:

Purple - Keep up the good work!
Blue - Somewhat successful
Orange - needs work

The color code makes it easy to see what I need to work on because let's face it - everyday isn't going to be all purple and blue. I think I've only had one day so far that was … lol. Recently, when I had a three day weekend, I made a long to do list and nearly accomplished it all. VICTORY!

So far I can say that I am seeing progress in my time management and that even though everything isn't 100% everyday - writing it down definitely helps me stay accountable. Also, I feel less pressure to get EVERYTHING done on one day. When I have everything mapped out for the week, I know I have enough time to do the things I want to get done. 

So how are you doing on your resolutions?

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  1. Great system to keep track of things. I am doing ok, still need to get to bed earlier though. An unexpected vet appointment has derailed my day a bit, but oh well.


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