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Have Goals and Be Respected!

Rome wasn't built in a day.  Having goals and being passionate about them is just as respectable as completing the goal.  Having goals shows that you have ambition.  Also, when you tell others about your goals with passion it shows that you have drive. 
Don't get caught up in the thought that the world is keeping score.  There is no one out there with a check list keeping track of what you do and don't because sometimes when you are working on a goal you may reach a point where you no longer want what you were working for - let's not get it twisted - if your goal is to quit drinking or doing drugs - those types of goals need to be completed for your health and well being.  Also, if you have one or both of those goals - CALL AUNTIE SHIA - she's here for you.  But seriously, sometimes your initial goal can morph into something new or you realize that the end result isn't really what you wanted and you then reevaluate and form a new goal. In all actuality, this r…

Espresso Powder ... where the heck do you find it?

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you all had a fab weekend.  
Paul's birthday is coming up this Wednesday so I thought I would make him a chocolate cake from scratch. Before this great adventure I have made two homemade cakes.  The first one which I have dubbed cake-gate was a complete let down.  The first one was just way to much to tackle for a newbie cake maker.  It had great intentions ... double birthday cake ... for Paul and for my lil sis Debra ... which then just caused my lil sister to be bratty (which she will probably still deny and who in their 20s still wants funfetti cake when someone is WILLING to make you a cake FROM SCRATCH ... hence the name cake-gate) anywho ... I tried making a healthy version using splenda and such and it turned out to be a heavy somewhat tasteless cake. Womp womp womp ... so I went back to cakes in a box.  I mean hello they taste good don't knock Betty Crocker that girl has it DOWN.  
Yet cake-gate and all, I could not let that first fiasc…

Back to School

So this week's topic is back to school and guess what ... Shia is back in school!  YAY!  More on that later but for now here's my attempt at geek chic.  Love those bangs but too bad my white girl fro doesn't agree ... boo hoo!

Errand Girl

So errands can be fun {sometimes} but going through all the prepping can just be a big waste of time.  I'm not big on dressing up unless I am meeting friends for lunch or coffee. However, I do hate to just wear running shorts and have the whole going to the gym look when I have no intentions of going to the gym {ahem flip flops kinda give it away}.  So I thought ... why not find a fun way to dress up some gym shorts and tada ... here is a def look I would wear when doing errands.
What do you think? Are you one of those girls that looks flawless when doing errands  ... you know the ones I outfit crush on?

Primer Showdown

So, we all know that I love bareMinerals (if you are new look HERE and HERE for my previous posts). However, recently I've tried to be a little more budget conscious and try e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer. I found it at my local Target and thought I'd give it a try since it is half the price of bareMinerals Prime Time.
It looks and feels exactly the same.  Plus, you can buy this primer online in different shades for color correction, brightening and a little glow.  Browse the customer reviews if you plan on trying one of the other shades.  Since I stuck with clear, I have no clue if the others work well.  {If you try one (or currently use one) let me know - I'd love to hear about them}.  This primer is just as smooth and lightweight as the other. I can't even tell the difference, my foundation looks just as even, smooth and natural.  Also, just like the other it doesn't clog my pores.  
The only griped I have is that the container is larger and bulkier and it …

Short Story

So here's my Friday Fancies on Saturday ... better late then never.  I'm not a huge fan of shorts ... I prefer skirts but I found these shorts similar to a skirt I own and thought I'd so a simple way to look fabulous when out and about this summer.   Join the fun and link up at {long distance loving}!

Am I Weird?

So instead of telling you all the things that I am okay with this week ... I thought why not share some things that I wonder if I am okay ... so more like a "is it okay?" kinda day.

Isn't it weird that ...

I always think of the most random moments in my life when I am taking a shower.  Seriously, it never fails some weird memory will come back to me and the entire time I am showering I am also thinking where in the world did this chain of thoughts come from?  Weird?

To stop drinking Starbucks (yes weird) but then go back and think ... YUCK ... this stuff is so bitter and have weird caffeine withdrawals or yet the opposite because duh you just drank it.  Then think why the heck didn't I think to get decaf ... you know like easing yourself back into an addiction rather and overdosing.  But wait ... there's more ... then the lil starbucks app has a 1 on it ... you tap it and TADA free drink reward at your service.  Okay so next time ... totally getting decaf.

I am …