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Cobalt Jeans

This week is all about pastels but I've jumped the gun on that topic several times so I thought I would share my new jeans!
Yesterday I was supposed to have lunch with a few old coworker friends but at the last minute they had to cancel so I used my extended lunch break to head over to the mall and check out some clearance racks and YAY I found cobalt jeans at the Loft for $4.88!!!  When I went to the checkout I was told they were an online return and that they don't even carry them in the store ... as if $4.88 wasn't fabulous enough ... I then felt that they were meant to be a part of my wardrobe.
So I've been longing for red jeans seriously I have notes on my ipod touch and they are on the wish list but I've never really thought red looked good on me but blue ... OBSESSED with blue.  If I am not careful my entire wardrobe will turn blue.  So you know me ... I am slow on the fashion front so I googled cobalt jeans and found this ... 
I almost jumped for joy!  I c…

Birthday Party and Disney

Sorry to have been MIA but sometimes one just needs a break so I thought why not come back with a post sharing my Disney weekend with you.  It all started on a Friday night at Marissa's birthday bash at Build A Bear ....

Marissa (middle) Kaelyn (on her left) Leah (oops not in pic) Miss Fashionista checking out her birthday present from me.
Then Saturday off to Disney. Leah didn't like Daisy as much as Minnie. She sat on Minnie's lap for about 5 minutes and didn't want to leave - super cute. I feel like this picture captures how everyone felt at the end of the day. Goodnight Cinderella.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! You made me the woman I am today and I am forever grateful! Love you! 

Spring Begins

Today I'm leaving early for Paul and I to head to the beach. How is your first day of Spring starting off?

Disney Bound

So since I've sucked at blogging this week I thought I would give you two days of "Friday Fancies".  So as I have mentioned before I'm headed to Disney this weekend with my family.  I've also mentioned that I really stink at casual looks.  Seriously it is like yoga pants and t-shirt or business wear for me.  I literally googled what to wear to Disney and ended up finding a tumblr page called Disney Bound.  This website is INSANE!  People create outfits based on Disney characters and some even wear them to Disney and post pics of them with their character.  So I thought okay ... if people can do this ... then I can create cute looks to wear to  Disney.  So I checked the weather and Saturday it will be 77 and Sunday 80.  I really don't like wearing shorts but I LOVE wearing skirts.  So I put together these looks. For my first day look, my pink skirt is actually from Forever 21 and has a pleated tulle overlay with a black band - I am going to pair that with my …

Oscar Blandi Instant Volumizing Shampoo

Travel size $11
So once again I reached into my box o' samples and pulled out this volumizing shampoo.  I had visions of bouncy hair ... blow drying it to volumized perfection.  Instead I got the biscuit (as my husband would say).
First off let me just say that it smelled like pine-sol with a hint of citrus.  I thought hmmm ... not so great so maybe my conditioner will cover up the smell.  Then ... INTENSE BURNING!  Seriously as if my head was up against a blow torch.  Immediately washed it out and then you guess it ... STRAW!  I conditioned my hair twice and still sounded horrible when I brushed it.  So I put some more conditioner in my hair to sleep in overnight.  Hopefully my hair will be back to normal tomorrow.
Needless to say I cannot recommend using this product and now I am afraid to use any of the other shampoos in the box for fear that they are all just as bad.  
Have you tried this?  What did you think?

Lovely Lace

Happy Friday everyone!  Sorry I am late posting but you would not believe the internet fiasco going on at home ... hopefully fixed today!! One of my favorite clothing items is lace!  Seriously LOVE IT!  My wedding gown was lace and it was gorgeous!!  So I came up with two lace outfits ... work wear and weekend wear.  Also, if you think those heels look familiar ... they are!  I used them in my Outfit Crush Friday Fancies.  Love them ... seriously I should buy them right?  If you don't already ... link up with {Long Distance Loving}! I hope you all have a fab weekend!!

It's Okay ...

... to do a post and not link up.
... that I used to wish weeks away and now I am like Thursday already ... goodness!
... that I have mad writer's block normally I turn to magazines for inspiration and that is not even working ... HELP ME!!!  Where do you get some ideas?  What do you want me to blog about?
... that I've hated my outfits on Monday and Tuesday ... that is what happens when you get all gitty about finally having cute outfits ... fashion block and writer's block ... how can I survive at this rate?
... to be a little excited about my upcoming family Disney trip.  My nieces are just going to love it.
... to wonder why guys keep dating Taylor Swift.  Really ... WHY?
... to get irritated at how long the dude at Starbucks was taking to make drinks Wednesday morning ... seriously he peeled a banana in like Matrix slow mo!  COME ON DUDE!
... to not know if everyone that works at Sbux is a "barista" sounds kinda girly to me.
... to be glad (get prepared to …

philosophy and Ojon

So remember that box of samples (HERE), well I am finally starting to use some of this junk stuff. Last night, I used this philosophy Pure Grace Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel.  I thought it worked really well as shampoo.  It left my hair super clean and once I rinsed it out my hair didn't feel like straw ... you know the sign of bad shampoo.  I did also use it as as a bath gel on a loofah ... I wasn't too impressed. It did kinda feel like washing your body with shampoo.  I'm all about soaps with added moisturizers ... so not sure if the bath/shower gel option is for me.  Also, it really doesn't have a smell and I like having a soap that gives you a pleasant after shower/bath smell.

Also right before I took a fabulous bath (with my fave Lush bath bomb ... Twilight), I put Ojon hair oil sample all over my scalp.  I have naturally dry hair and a naturally dry scalp but over the last two weeks I really had a problem with flaking.  So I thought why not also use some of th…

Year of the Snake

So 2013 is the Year of the Snake.  Have you rocked any snake prints yet?

I'm a little hesitant of the snake print ... something about it makes me think of tacky older women trying to look sexy at a night club.  But can snake be chic?  I found some pieces that I thought might put a more positive light on snake print and make it a trend that we could all possibly wear this year.  I could definitely see myself wearing the green snake skin heels or some of the fun jewelry but clothes with the print?  Not sure ... if I had to wear the print I'd pick the tops so I could pair them with jeans and perhaps a cardigan to play down the print.  
What do you think? Year of the Snake = do or don't?

Friday Fancies - Crown Jewels

I really didn't know what to do with this jewelry themed Friday Fancies because I don't wear a lot of jewelry so I thought I would start with a fun weekend skirt and go from there and nothing is more fun then having a Queen on your skirt.  So I thought I'd throw in some over the top gold jewelry to make anyone feel like they were Queen for the Day.  
What do you think? Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!