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It's Okay...

to blow up your husband's cell phone when he doesn't answer - can't be a crazy stalker chick when you're married :) plus my life would be 100 times easier if he would just use TEXT MESSAGING!!!  His cell phone ... think Jitterbug!
to give a stranger a Bath & Body Works coupon regardless of how much she looks at you like a crazy person..  Yes ... we were in Bath & Body Works and I was just trying to be nice.  She acted as if we were in the Hunger Games and I gave her all my weapons ... okay maybe a bad analogy.
to not have my taxes done ... at least I'm getting a refund ... maybe I hope to log back on to HR Block and somehow it magically doubled since the last time I was in there.
to want to take a nap at 6 pm.
to hate nail polish!  Seriously ... why do I even try?
To give screaming kids in the store dirty looks (not infants ... you know ones that should know better) ... hey at least I don't say ... tell mommy to get off the phone and tell you to shut t…

New Products I'm Trying - Will they work?

Here are a few new products I am using that I thought I would share with you guys.  So far I am really loving the detangling brush which I saw a review on YouTube and had to try.  Even though I am sure that the blue brush for thick/curly hair probably would have worked a tad better I have no complaints on the brush.  My hair is so long right now that it is constantly getting tangled and I was having such a hard time brushing it.  My arm would be tired from pulling and tons of breakage.  This brush there is little to no hair in the bristles when I am done and since it detangles with ease my arm doesn't feel like it is going to fall off.  The John Frieda hair straightener is a complete surprise too.  I figured I would end up taking it back because it wouldn't heat up hot enough or heck even work well.  It heats up to 455 and is adjustable which my Chi was not.  So far loving it.  The vitamins are a little too soon to tell.  I do feel like my nails are a bit thicker and right no…

J'Adore: Best Dressed

I know this is old news but I just had to point out my Oscar best dressed (even though I never watch the Oscars and get ticked off when my shows are on repeat because of them). Kate Blanchett I just love her ... she's always so beautiful at the award shows.
I love her pale milky skin.  My sister Nicole is blessed with this skin.

Matthew McConnaughey I am not usually one to have a Hollywood crush.
However, right now I am just loving McConnaughey in True Detective!
Also, props to him for boucing back ... he's been overly skinny and kinda trashy looking for awhile.

Who's look did you love?