It's Okay...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

to blow up your husband's cell phone when he doesn't answer - can't be a crazy stalker chick when you're married :) plus my life would be 100 times easier if he would just use TEXT MESSAGING!!!  His cell phone ... think Jitterbug!

to give a stranger a Bath & Body Works coupon regardless of how much she looks at you like a crazy person..  Yes ... we were in Bath & Body Works and I was just trying to be nice.  She acted as if we were in the Hunger Games and I gave her all my weapons ... okay maybe a bad analogy.

to not have my taxes done ... at least I'm getting a refund ... maybe I hope to log back on to HR Block and somehow it magically doubled since the last time I was in there.

to want to take a nap at 6 pm.

to hate nail polish!  Seriously ... why do I even try?

To give screaming kids in the store dirty looks (not infants ... you know ones that should know better) ... hey at least I don't say ... tell mommy to get off the phone and tell you to shut the heck up!!!

to do your makeup while sitting on the toilet ... if it wasn't part of the design plan of my master bathroom it wouldn't be conveniently laid out that way.....right?

to spend 15 minutes cyber stalking an old friend.  Yes I limit my cyber stalking to 15 minute intervals.

to watch youtube like tv ... you know on this night this youtuber updates.  Are you on youtube let me know I will watch all of your videos,  I'm like 10 years late on the whole youtube craze but better late than never.

I hope you all are having or had a fabulous weekend!
What's okay with you today?


  1. I feel the same way about screaming kids! I would have totally took your coupon in B&BW and not looked at you strange ;)

  2. Ha it is okay!! Is it bad that I don't have any thing to blog about and have not in a week and weeks before that?

    Have a great week!! We are off to a better start than last week! At least I feel like I am!!

  3. I watch youtube like TV... Even creepier, I watch a ton of vlogs. Love them!

    7% Solution

  4. haha!! Great post!! I always give screaming kids the side eye, it's so annoying. It's like excuse me could you hang up the phone and watch your child!! I hate when I see children playing in stores, running around like crazy. they could get seriously hurt. And whose fault would it be? Of, course it would be the stores fault!!

    Best, Mree


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