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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Changing time zones SUCKS!

If I hear one more person say - welcome back to the real world - I am going to go postal.  Really?  Eastern Standard Time is the "real world"?  Where did I miss that sign ... leaving the real world hope you come back soon.

Regardless, adjusting from vacation throws everyone for a loop but after a month off you just have so much to do when you get home crammed in like a nano second. 

My suitcases are currently laying on the floor in my bedroom - I haven't unpacked for two reasons (i) I've had no time to do so and (ii) any piece of clothing that I own that I wear to work did NOT go with me on my trip so I really don't need anything out of my suitcase.

I felt like I had accomplished so much when I put away all of my hair stuff and makeup over the weekend.  I was like BOO YEAH ... unpacked!

Currently there are 2 beauty boxes and 2 birchboxes unopened on my dining room table ... um yeah I plan on opening them and the 4 months of back issues of magazines I have laying around.  I mean it seems like I have this stuff for a reason - oh yeah MY BLOG!

I've said this like a million times before but I want need a personal assistant.  Someone who can do all the things I never quite get to.  You know someone I can dictate blogs to and she/he can jazz them up for me.  Anytime I say this to my friend, Jennifer, she reminds me that I really do NO housework.  Seriously, since meeting Paul and him and I moving in together I really do NO housework ... he does it all.  Okay okay not all he won't actually hang up my clothes but I am a lil particular (see here).  But seriously when is the last time I have cleaned a bathroom?  Hmmmm.....dunno.  When is the last time I have we have a vacuum   Okay now I am just getting cocky.  But why does it always seem like I don't have enough to do everything I want to do?  I can't suck that bad at time management - can I?

Well I guess we shall see - I have clothes to hang up and blog posts to write - well see how long that takes to get done.

P.S. Exciting News - I got picked to receive a free Vox Box!  Once I get it I will def do a post about all the goodies I got (FOR FREE) and how you can sign up if you want to get FREE STUFF!!

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