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I lost my street cred and I'm ready for Pumpkin Spice!

So I guess my Gold status has been revoked from Starbucks.  Does that mean if I try to use my Gold card they will cut it up like a maxed out credit card?!?   Wouldn't that be funny ... um sorry but we HAVE to do this ... 
So ... obviously this doesn't come to be as a shock but I am now wondering if I won't get my birthday reward?  Yeah I think the last time I was at Starbucks there were hearts on the cups ... LOL.  I've actually considered deleting the Starbucks app but sometimes I get cool apps for free so yeah ... whatya gonna do?
Has pumpkin spice started yet?  It's so hard to tell when we are supposed to get excited about our non-existent fall weather.  It's kinda hard to think about a pumpkin spice latte when you are sweating to death walking to your car.  But regardless, I am totally ready to try this receipe I saw in a magazine about making my own pumpkin spice latte at home.  (Oh btw Sbux ... I'll be using Seattle's Best Coffee ... yep that'…