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No pictures please ...

Okay so for once I am going to just blog about some random thoughts without pictures so here it goes ...
First, seriously check out this post about moving over to bloglovin ... it literally took me less than 5 minutes to  add all my blogs I follow to bloglovin.  If you follow me let me know if I am not following you ... I don't want anyone to slip through the cracks!!!  Leave me a comment below and I'll fix it ASAP!
Second, I have been having some debates with myself about my blog ... change it, keep it, toss it, revive it, forget it, cherish it, etc.  I am working on it.  Suggestions are helpful.
Third, tonight is finally/sadly/terrifyingly Game 7 of Heat vs. Spurs ... GO HEAT!!!
Moreover, I just realized other night that evening tv sucks during the weeknights ... so now nothing to watch until Sunday night and no basketball ... how will I make it through the Summer?
Furthermore, I have decided to read more ... yes READ BOOKS. 
However, before you think I will be reading any …

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