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A Simple and Perfect White Summer Outfit

What to pack for a .... Beach Getaway


I just love Christina Hendrix and I always list her character Joan on Mad Men as my fave.

Love this outfit but um ... Lucky ... where did her girls go? They are big girls and here she looks a tad flat chested.   Photoshop busted!

Now Mad Men - give her more of a story line this season!!

Friday Fancies - I AM FINALLY BACK!!!

So as you all know I've done tons of outfits with stripes so I thought why not have fun with stripes on assessories for once instead the clothes. So here are two looks I came up with using the same bag and shoe. Of course stripes are not complete without polka dots for me ... so had to add that fun skirt.

Thank you all for your support and understanding on my vacation from blogging! I really did miss you guys and I'm glad to be back!!

It's Okay ...

that I haven't blogged in forever.

that I feel like I can't blog until I acknowledge the fact that I haven't been blogging.

that something about putting the fact that you haven't blogged on your blog makes the guilt go away.

that I feel like I need to write a reason as to why I wasn't blogging.  As if it has to be something bigger than just not feeling it.

to just breathe and reboot.  So I haven't blogged in awhile ... let's move on and work on a real blog post.

Hope to see you soon!


I just LOVE Anne Hathaway! Loving the blonde hair!! What do you think?